Collection: Clearwater - Introducing "Sunny Shores" - Your Clearwater, FL Destination-Inspired Attire!

Sunny Shores Apparel Collection offers high-quality clothing and accessories that capture the essence of Clearwater, Florida. Relive your favorite experiences and plan your next trip with our location-based designs.

For the ultimate relaxation on Clearwater Beach, our "Beach Bliss" t-shirt is a must-have. Remember your encounters with marine life at Clearwater Marine Aquarium with our cozy "Marine Explorer" hoodie. Carry the vibrant energy of Pier 60 with our "Pier Promenade" tote bag. Capture the beauty of sunset cruises with our "Golden Horizon" cap. And embrace water sports memories with our stylish "Aquatic Adventure" rash guard. Experience the essence of Clearwater with Sunny Shores!